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Once you’ve done a Clarity Session

to uncover & solve your biggest business challenge + discover your other opportunity areas,

it’s time to dive into my

Foundational Five™

we’ll make sure you’re in tip-top shape in each of these areas

so you can confidently run your business like a boss.




Foundational Five 1 - Sweet Spot - Stacy Kessler.001.png

Figure out what you really want and how to apply your unique awesomeness to things you care about in order to succeed.

Foundational Five 2 -Core Clients - Stacy Kessler.jpeg

Identify who you really want to work with and base your marketing around what their needs are that you’re able to solve.

Foundational Five 3 - Meaningful Mantras- Stacy Kessler.003.jpeg

Get clear on the why and how of your business to help you make decisions, stay motivated, and get everyone on the same page.




Foundational Five 4 -Purposeful Pricing - Stacy Kessler.jpeg

Price in a way that makes you more compelling, be viewed as an expert in your field, increase your earning potential, and enjoy life more.

Foundational Five 5 -Research & Refine - Stacy Kessler.jpeg

Get equipped to learn from your core clients and experiment in your business so you’re always at the top of your game.

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Choose Your Plan

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Get it Clear


Foundational Five™ Strategy


Get it Written


Foundational Five™ Strategy
Messaging Development

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Get it Done


Foundational Five™ Strategy
Messaging Development
Implementation Support


We’ll work together to figure out or optimize your Foundational Five™ strategy (everything shown above). Your business will be set up for success and you’ll have confidence, clarity, and excitement about where your business is going next.

In addition to “Get it Clear” deliverables, we’ll also create a library of copy to market your business along with a plan to quickly update your website to better connect with your ideal clientele and explain what you do.

In addition to “Get it Clear” & “Get it Written” deliverables, I’ll also spend 3-months supporting you in the implementation of your new business strategy and messaging while working through any roadblocks that may arise.


$1997 or
3 Payments $727

$2997 or
4 Payments $827

$3997 or
5 Payments $877


Not sure which is right for you?

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