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Universal Image Template


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My #1 hack to simplify image creation for blogs + social media

Universal Image Template

Stop creating different graphics for each channel

Ever created an awesome graphic for your blog (or anything else you might share a link for), then shared that link on social media only to realize later that your awesome graphic was horribly cropped in the link image preview? Maybe you've started creating several different sized graphics customized for each social media channel and have been uploading them individually when scheduling your social media posts.

That's what I was doing...Which was a big fat waste of time...

Then, I figured out a better way. I created a template that results in perfectly cropped images for (1) blog and gallery thumbnails on my website, (2) Link image previews for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and (3) Pinterest and Instagram feeds. Whaaaat?? Yep, that's right.

ONE image that does all that.

Want my template? Download it for free below!

What will you do with all your new-found free-time?!

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