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Strategy Sessions

For those ready to go all-in creating a business and life they love

High-impact & hands-on to help you figure out what your next move is

This ain't just another cookie-cutter workshop 

You'll experience

Major Breakthroughs
Extreme Clarity
Easy Decision-Making

What are people saying about my strategy sessions?


Choose Your Pathfinding Adventure


to point you in the
right direction

on one focused topic


Work through one specific challenge, idea, or opportunity that's making you feel lost. I'll help you find your bearings and figure out where to take your next step.

The best part? We get this all accomplished in just one hands-on and to-the-point session (typically 1.5-2 hrs) so you can get on with building and running your dream biz. 

Afterwards you'll receive a custom Compass Guide, capturing your next steps for which direction to go. 

After this session you become eligible to book office hours with me whenever you need some quick guidance.


to develop your
strategic path

from everything on your mind


Make sense of all of your ideas, opportunities, and challenges so your path (and the destination) becomes crystal clear. I'll help you develop a cohesive map that lays out a strategy you'll be excited and confident about.

We get this all done in one powerful, productive, game-changing afternoon (typically 3-4 hrs).  

Afterwards you'll receive a custom Route Map, laying out your strategic framework, goals, and action plan to get there.

This option includes a follow-up session (typically 30-min) to work through any road blocks you've encountered as you start going down your new path. Book additional ones as you need them.


to guide you

In figuring out all the deets


Figure out all the strategic details for your dream business from ideal client and mission statement to pricing and communication. 

This is for the entrepreneur who’s ready to go all-in creating a business and life they love and wants some expert guidance to do it fast.

We'll work together in a series of sessions to go through each element of my Signature Pathfinding Process to whip up the foundational strategy for your dream biz in 2 months or less.

At key milestones, you'll receive a custom Master Plan, plotting out all the strategic details for you to reference as you go on your journey to bring it all to fruition. 


Schedule a free 15-minute exploratory call with Stacy

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Office Hours

only strategy session Alumni are eligible

Quick guidance when you need it, as often as you need it

$77 for 30-minutes

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