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Mindsets & Methods™

A retreat to empower and equip women entrepreneurs to craft a business and life they love

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Got big dreams?

But feel like you need a boost to get there?

I'm partnering with success coach, Kelly Beischel, to offer a one-of-a-kind intimate retreat for female entrepreneurs who want to love their business and life.

Whether you're still building your business or are already up and running, we'll equip you with mindsets and methods to run your dream business with confidence, energy, and momentum.

Join us at a beautiful lake house for two days where we'll help you get clear on what you really want and uncover anything that's holding you back from accomplishing your goals so you can develop the mindset needed to create the business and life you truly desire.

Then we'll dig into the nitty gritty strategy of your business to ensure you leverage your unique strengths in order to have the kind of impact (and life) you desire. 

You'll leave feeling empowered and equipped with a Mindsets & Methods™ Action Plan to run after your big goals.


Let's craft a business & life you love


Who is this for?

This retreat is for women who can relate to any of the following dreams or struggles.

What do you dream of?

To be a successful entrepreneur/business owner?

To live your ideal life?

To work smarter, not harder?

To love what you do?

To be confident that you're on the right path?

To make big strides forward?

To have a bigger impact?


What do you struggle with?

Is it taking longer than you hoped to get to where you want to be?

Do you ever not feel good enough to make your dreams a reality?

Do you feel stuck, tired, frustrated, or overwhelmed?

Does it feel like something is always holding you back?

Do you ever wonder if you have what it takes?

Are you struggling to find clarity in where you're headed?

Do you ever feel like you're not enough?


If you nodded your head to any of the above

Join Us!

The Deets

Dates TBD

Lake Santee in Indiana (about an hour from Cincinnati) 

Lodging will be arranged for two nights

Food, drinks, and materials provided



A 2-hr gathering a week and a half before retreat

At The Living Room in Cincinnati, OH

Light refreshments provided





Space for a maximum of 8 women

$997 Early Bird
$1297 Regular Price 

All costs included in price except for lodging (cost coming soon)




Get on the waitlist below to get first dibs on one of only 8 spots available when tickets are released.