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Expert Advice


What it is

Want to turn your expertise into profit and build a Badass Brand? Look no further than Pia Silva. She is a BRILLIANT marketer and my go-to branding expert. Her amazing (and free!) crash course breaks down the 3 fundamentals to Badass Your Brand so you can start making more doing what you love.

Why She’s my Fave

I love Pia’s no B.S., high-value content. Whenever I need business or personal brand advice, it’s where I turn. She is the only expert that I regularly follow and I used her advice to build this business and improve my first business.

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Claim your spot to learn the 3 fundamentals to Badass Your Brand from my fave online “mentor”, Pia Silva.

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Entrepreneur Support


What is it

An amazing online appointment scheduling software that I'm currently using for this business. I'm continually blown away by how easy Acuity makes it to set automations for my business. I didn't realize how much time I was wasting doing mindless office tasks until I experienced the power of Acuity and have never looked back.

My Fave Features

Customize Availability by Appointment Type | Collect Custom Client Info & Post-Meeting Feedback | Setup Auto Emails & Reminders | Integrates Seamlessly with Squarespace

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Freebie account available or 14-Day free trial for paid accounts



What it is

The best email marketing tool I've used and what I'm currently using for this business. It is simple to use, well designed, and I just love their message and how they treat their customers.  

My Fave Features

Easy User Interface | Set Rules & Automations | No Duplicate Subscribers | Subject Line A/B Testing | Simple Form Integration with Squarespace

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Free 14-day trial (no credit card needed!) or get a demo.


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About it is

I first heard about this natural skincare company by hearing an interview with their founder, Bethany. I loved her story and her mission and just had to try her products. Their deodorant is the first natural deodorant that has actually worked for me and hasn't irritated my skin. Then they hooked this chapstick addict with their tasty and moisturizing lip balms that even my dog wants to lick (seriously!). Having tried most of their products, I can honestly say I've loved them all and feel oh-so-good about what they are made out of.

My Fave Products

Charcoal Deodorant | Peppermint Lip Balm | Everything Spray | Dry Shampoo | Geranium Complexion Mist | Cleansing Oil

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My affiliate commitment

I only promote things that I have personally used and feel good about recommending. If I won't use it, I won't tell you to. By purchasing the tools and products above using my unique link or member number, I receive some sort of compensation for helping to spread the word to you about their awesomeness, so thanks! This helps enable me to continue to provide you with the best free resources to help you build a business you love. - Stacy

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