Lake Santee House Rental

We have decided to post-pone the retreat until Spring 2019, but we will still need lodging for our participants then, so please fill out the form if you’re interested anyways.


We are looking for one or two Lake Santee houses to rent for 4-8 women entrepreneurs to say in for two nights, a Monday and Tuesday, departing on a Wednesday in Spring 2019.

Here is what we are looking for in a home:

  • Clean, comfortable, and mostly updated

  • 4+ beds (to sleep 4-8 people who each have their own bed, separate bedrooms not required)

  • Kitchen with basic necessities to cook breakfast

  • Good WiFi

You do not need to have experience renting your home or have it listed anywhere. All we ask is that you are willing to do the following to get the home ready for our guests:

  • Thoroughly clean the home

  • Put clean linens on the beds

  • Provide clean towels

  • Move personal clutter out of the way (it is okay to lock doors to certain rooms or drawers)

  • Clear 1-2 shelves/drawers in the fridge for us to bring in breakfast food for our guests

  • Provide keys or an entry code for guests to come and go

  • Set the thermostat so it is a comfortable temperature by Monday afternoon, November 12

  • Are reachable by phone in case of emergency

  • Give our guests privacy by not being onsite while they are staying at your home (If you want to give specific house instructions or communicate any house rules, you can send those to us in advance and we will ensure our guests receive the information.)

  • If you fill out this form and it seems like a good fit, we’ll work with you to schedule a time to chat and see your home. If we choose your home, we will send over paperwork for both of us to sign to confirm all the details and then send you the money for your rental.

Thank you so much for considering letting us rent your home. We promise to treat it as our own!

For questions, reach out Stacy Kessler at or 513-560-3904 

Submit your interest below