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Dream Walk™

A night to pamper, inspire, and celebrate women entrepreneurs


The Experience


As busy female entrepreneurs we often don’t make an effort (or have the time) to pamper ourselves, so we will spend the night treating you like the special woman you are. There will be multiple pampering stations that you can visit throughout the evening. We don’t want to spoil all of the surprises, but we’ll give you hint about one of the ways we’ll be pampering you: it starts with M and ends with assage…


On our entrepreneurial journeys, it can be easy to lose sight of why our work matters or struggle to have confidence that we are on the right path. However, we believe that each and everyone one of you has your own unique gifts that can leave an important mark on this world. Our unique Dream Walk™ experience is designed to inspire you to keep running after a business and life you love.

The Dream Walk™ is a special, individual experience where you’ll have the space, time, and prompts to help you create audacious dreams that can inspire and motivate you as you run and grow your business. During the Dream Walk™ you’ll dream about the five key elements that tend to motivate and inspire people - impact, money, achievement, lifestyle flexibility, and mindset. After developing your audacious dreams, you’ll interact with the other women to really solidify them. You’ll leave feeling supported and believing your dreams are possible.


As we experience the craziness of starting and running our own businesses, it can be easy to focus on what’s not going well or what we haven’t yet accomplished, while overlooking all the little (and big) wins along the way. We have a fun activity planned to help you recognize and feel good about the amazing work you’re doing, and together, we’ll celebrate! (and what’s a celebration without some good food and drink and of course, gold stars!)

Your Hostesses

Success Coach, Kelly Beischel
Pathfinding Strategist, Stacy Kessler


This event happened on Tuesday, October 23

The feedback was awesome so may do another in 2019

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