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Dream Walk™

A night to pamper, inspire, and celebrate women entrepreneurs
(or those aspiring to be)


I enjoyed connecting with other women in all walks of life with their own challenges but making it happen. I got ideas and got focused on my goals. It got my mind going - new ideas, new connections, and taking big dreams and making them a reality.

Ashley Anderson, Master of Marketing

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We’re back for our 2nd event!

In 2018 we brought together 20 women for a sold out, intimate evening to celebrate, pamper, and inspire them as they ran after their entrepreneurial dreams. The feedback was outstanding so we decided to bring it back again and open it up to even more amazing women.

If you’re new, welcome!
We can’t wait to Dream Walk™ with you!

If you came to our first event, you are definitely welcome to join again (and bring your friends!). We’re back with everything you loved about the first event plus some new ways to connect and be inspired by each other and your dreams. You can never celebrate, get pampered, be inspired, or dream too much.

Wednesday, January 22, 4-7pm | 25 Women | The Living Room (Norwood)

(If you heard about us announcing the event for August 6, we had to push the date back for personal reasons)


It was inspiring and I liked listening to other women’s thoughts and dreams. It gave me space away from normal life to reflect on me. I realized I have a good footing and position to make more dreams possible.

Jaime Burch, Fusion Safety

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The Experience

An overview of the evening’s activities

Champagne & Fancy Water Welcome

Because you deserve it and nothing sets the night off quite like some bubbly!

Pampering & Nourishment

Help yourself to delicious hors d’oeuvres and vino throughout the evening. There will also be multiple pampering stations that you can visit. We don’t want to spoil all of the surprises, but we’ll give you hint.. one of them starts with M and ends with assage…

Who’s in the Room

There are going to be some amazing women in the room, including you! Whether you came solo or with friends, we’re going to help you walk out with inspiring new connections.

Mindsets & Visualization

We’ll prep our minds for the evening with some techniques designed to help you dream big and bust down barriers that may be holding you back.

Dream Walk

A special, individual experience where you’ll have the space, time, and prompts to help you create audacious dreams that can inspire and motivate you as you build, run, and grow your business. We’ll explore four main motivators: Flexibility (lifestyle), Achievement, Impact, and Money.

Future Self

You’ll imagine the specifics of what this dreamy future is like so you can feel it, believe it, and make it happen.

Small Group Discussion

Nothing primes you to go after your goals like being in your future self’s shoes. You’ll be put into a small group where you’ll interact with each other as your badass future selves.

Reflection & Next Steps

Reflect on the evening’s experience so far including any barriers that surfaced as you dreamed big so you can identify next steps to push past them and reach your goals.

Group Share

You’re not in this alone. We all want big things for our lives and yet we all have barriers holding us back. We’ll encourage each other to say screw it and run after our dreams anyways.


Celebrating our big and little wins helps us stay motivated to push further. You are already doing amazing things and we’re going to help you recognize and feel good about it so you keep on, keepin’ on.


I had a ball and you really got me thinking! I was encouraged to think about myself and my future in a way I never have before...actually be her and feel how that feels.

2018 Dream Walk™ Attendee

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Celebrate, Pamper, Inspire

Why did we build the event around these three things?


As busy female entrepreneurs we often don’t make an effort (or have the time) to pamper ourselves, so we will spend the night treating you like the special woman you are.


On our entrepreneurial journeys, it can be easy to lose sight of why our work matters or struggle to have confidence that we are on the right path. However, we believe that each and everyone one of you has your own unique gifts that can leave an important mark on this world. We want to inspire you to keep running after a business and life you love.


As we experience the craziness of starting and running our own businesses, it can be easy to focus on what’s not going well or what we haven’t yet accomplished, while overlooking all the little (and big) wins along the way.


I liked meeting new people and other inspiring women who showed me that I’m not the only one. Your dreams don’t just have to be a dream.

Emily Huff, Emily’s Salon Loft

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Your Hostesses

Stacy kessler headshot

Stacy Kessler

Entrepreneurial Strategist

Kelly Beischel Headshot

Kelly Beischel

Success Coach


I liked talking about dreaming without feeling selfish or silly. It helped me to see that I need to define my dream and the steps to get there. I need to believe my dream to live my dream.

Shirley Alley, Nanum

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Wednesday, January 22, 4-7pm

At The Living Room in Norwood, OH

An evening of pampering, celebration & inspiration

for only $97

This intimate event is only available for 25 women


I loved being able to process and dream bigger. I aspire to do more, dream more, and be more. It was great to think about my vision and goals. Thank you!

Tracy Stokes, TraSpeaks LLC

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Interested but can’t make it this time?

Get on the waitlist below to get notified and get first dibs on tickets if we decide to do another one:


 Great conversation + inspiring women + MASSAGE!!!! The Dream Walk™ helped me focus and zero-in on what I really want and need to do to accomplish my goal and future self.

Michelle Harbin, Photographer

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It gave perspective, clarity, and a chance to verbalize one’s hopes and dreams.

Lauren Morris, Retirement Plan Advisors


I think everyone wants to be understood and this did that. It was a kick in the butt to remind me that I'm Clancy Calkins and was set on this earth to be unique, genuine, happy, and spread happiness.

Clancy Calkins, Filmmaker & Producer

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Join Us!

You deserve it!


I liked the focused goals I was able to articulate. Empowering each other is always inspirational.

Deb Flowers, Union Massage & Hypnotherapy

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