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Once you’ve done a Clarity Session

to uncover & solve your biggest business challenge + discover your other opportunity areas,

it’s time to dive into my

Foundational Five™

we’ll make sure you’re in tip-top shape in each of these areas

so you can confidently run your kick-ass business


Foundational Five 1 - Sweet Spot - Stacy Kessler.001.png

Figure out what you really want and how to apply your unique awesomeness to things you care about in order to succeed.


Foundational Five 2 -Core Clients - Stacy Kessler.jpeg

Identify who you really want to work with and base your marketing around what their needs are that you’re able to solve.


Foundational Five 3 - Meaningful Mantras- Stacy Kessler.003.jpeg

Get clear on the why and how of your business to help you make decisions, stay motivated, and get everyone on the same page.



Foundational Five 4 -Purposeful Pricing - Stacy Kessler.jpeg

Price in a way that makes you more compelling, be viewed as an expert in your field, increase your earning potential, and enjoy life more.


Foundational Five 5 -Research & Refine - Stacy Kessler.jpeg

Get equipped to learn from your core clients and experiment in your business so you’re always at the top of your game.

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You don’t always know what you don’t know.

I’ll guide you through my Foundational Five™, the essentials I believe every entrepreneur needs to have figured out.

We’ll identify your biggest opportunity areas and figure out what to do about them.


 Foundational Five™


You’ll receive my Foundational Five™ Resources, enabling you to do most of the strategic thought work on your own, but I’ll be with you every step along the way, helping you get started and giving you feedback.

This is for the entrepreneur that’s already very business savvy and just needs some outside perspective and guidance to give them a leg-up.


Foundational Five™ Resources
Five 30-Min Virtual Sessions


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Foundational Five™


I’ll work hands-on with you to figure out or optimize your Foundational Five™. You’ll have confidence, clarity, and excitement around your strategy, setting your business up for success.

This is for newer entrepreneurs, those who spin their wheels trying to figure tough stuff out alone, or those who want to reach kick-ass business owner status faster.


Foundational Five™ Resources
Five 2-Hour Sessions


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Foundational Five™


Not only will I do the tough thought-work with you like in the Strategizing option, but we’ll also spend an additional two months experimenting with your offerings in the marketplace and optimizing your business based on what we learn.

This is for the entrepreneur ready to invest in themselves and go all-in on their success.


Foundational Five™ Resources
4-Month Partnership


*Payment Plans Available

Not sure which is right for you?

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