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Clarity Session

Solve your biggest business CHALLENGE and figure out next steps

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Are a bazillion thoughts & ideas bouncing around in your head?

My Clarity Session helps you make sense of it all.

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Just because you’re working for yourself…

Doesn’t mean you need to figure it all out by yourself.

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get clarity - stacy kessler

Get clarity

I’ll help you figure out what you really want, even if your goals aren’t clear right now.

make sense of it all - stacy kessler

Make sense of it all

No matter how scattered your thoughts and ideas seem, you’ll walk out with a business strategy that you’re confident and excited about.

wherever you're at -stacy kessler

Wherever you’re at

Whether you’re a newbie entrepreneur or an experienced business owner looking to make some changes, this process works no matter where you’re at in your journey.


I know what it’s like to have self-doubt.

You’re worried you’ll never fully realize your potential as an entrepreneur and have to go back to working a boring ole J.O.B. for the rest of your life.

You are meant to do important and amazing things

But because you work in isolation as an entrepreneur…

It’s hard to make sense of it all by yourself.

I can help.

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 Clarity Session

When you’re so close to it all and doing it alone…

It’s nearly impossible to make sense of it all.

How much time + money + energy + potential are you wasting constantly second guessing your decisions and actions by not having a clear direction or strategy?

Stop spinning your wheels. Get out of your own head.

I’m going to help you figure it all out.

Your Investment: $497

How it works

  1. I’ll send you some thought-provoking questions to think about before we meet.

  2. In our 2-hr 1:1 session (in Cincinnati or via Zoom), we’ll uncover and solve the main thing that’s holding you back.

  3. You’ll receive a summary of our session’s big AHAs! + my strategy recos.

  4. Choose whether you want more support from me or be on your merry way.



Stop swirling so you can confidently run your business like a boss

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Book a Clarity Session with me to uncover and solve the thing that’s holding you back most. You’ll also receive my recommendations for your opportunity areas within these essential Foundational Five™ strategies that will set your business up for success.

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Implement these strategic improvements in your business, signing up for my follow-up packages if you need additional help thinking through the Foundational Five™ business strategies, messaging, or implementation.

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Confidently run your dream business, knowing you can always book a Strategy Session with me anytime you get stuck and need help figuring something out.

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Kelly Thomas testimonial for stacy kessler

“I came to Stacy really struggling with what my next business ‘move’ should be. I was overwhelmed, tired and feeling really burnt out. Stacy listened to + captured my "woes," and worked with me to create a crystal clear path to help me move through my business blues into a place of complete harmony and alignment with my core mission and purpose. If you're feeling lost or stuck, I HIGHLY recommend Stacy's Strategy Session.”

Kelly Thomas: Content Strategist, Writer, Editor

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“Stacy has the unique ability to take different ideas and thoughts and create a business plan and strategy around each individual’s core strengths. Stacy allows you to take your dreams, passions, and vision, and helps make them a reality, a business you can create and manage.”

Ashley Anderson: Master of Marketing & Storyteller

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Christine Luken testimonial for stacy kessler

“At the start of the Strategy Session, Stacy extracted all of the details that were bouncing around in my brain like a thousand pebbles. Then she led me through the process of sifting through them and identifying the best ideas to keep. By the end of the session, she neatly gathered up all the gems and handed them back to me in a perfect package which I can now deliver to my clients. Thank you, Stacy!!”

Christine Luken: Financial Lifeguard


“Prior to working with Stacy, my thoughts and business ideas were scattered and holding me back from making clear business goals and decisions. Through Stacy’s Strategy Session, I figured out exactly which direction I wanted to go with my business, gaining clarity about my purpose, strategic target, and what I offer. She helped me create a business that I love and made me more confident in, and excited about, how I serve my clients.”

Kelly Beischel: Success Coach, Author, Speaker

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Isolation Sucks.

Let’s change that.

Think of me like your “Ghost Co-Founder”

Helping you when you get stuck.


 My Clarity Session

is the perfect fit for you…

You feel stuck or lost.

You’re an entrepreneur or want to be.

You’re a business owner looking to make some changes or launch something new.

You could use some help thinking through things.

You’re experiencing self-doubt.

You feel like you’re swirling or spinning your wheels.

You’re having a hard time making sense of all of your thoughts and ideas.

You don’t love your current clients or projects.

You want a business that you’re excited about and uniquely positioned to excel at.

You don’t have a clear business strategy.

You feel overwhelmed by all the things.

You’re unsure of where to focus.

You’re not crystal clear on your next steps.

You are constantly second guessing your actions and decisions.

You feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall.

You’re unsure of how your skills can make a positive impact in the world.

You want to be a confident, badass business owner.

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