Find Your Sweet Spot to be a Successful Entrepreneur

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Spinning your wheels

Have you ever felt like you were spinning your wheels trying to figure out exactly what your business should look like?

Maybe you’ve got the entrepreneurial itch but feel like you don’t have any notable areas of expertise.

Maybe you feel like you have many skills and interests and struggle to fit them all into one cohesive business.

But even if you do know what field you want to play in - say marketing - or have a strong passion for something specific - say women’s health - you could still approach a business targeted towards marketing or women’s health a million different ways.

So, how can you hone in on a business strategy that will set you up for success, make you stand out, and allow you to live the kind of lifestyle you want to live?

Keep reading to find out.

Build a business as unique as you

First things first, you need to believe that everyone (yes you!) has something unique and important to offer the world. I truly believe this and so should you.

I guarantee that there’s some kind of business out there that can be built around who you are. If you figure out what this is, you are uniquely positioned to be awesome at it.

We all have unique skills and if we apply them to things we care about in a way that makes sense for the life we want - that’s where the magic happens - that’s where you find your sweet spot.

Building a business around your sweet spot means it’ll be something unique and something that you can excel at.

Who doesn’t want a business that’s unlike anyone else’s and that they’re awesome at?!

Your sweet spot

Your sweet spot is where three things intersect:

  1. Your unique skills

  2. Things you care about

  3. What you want in life


Your business sweet spot - your unique skills - things you care about - what you want in life - stacy kessler

Finding your sweet spot

Here’s the order I recommend you use to find your sweet spot:

  1. Identify your unique skills

  2. Identify things you care about

  3. Figure out how you can apply your unique skills to the things you care about

  4. Identify what you want in life

  5. Figure out how to do #3 in a way that is in line with what you want in life

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Identifying meaningful and fulfilling work

I’m a multi-passionate person and pickup new skills relatively quickly so when I first did this, my step 1 and step 2 had a lot of random things in there. I had hobbies and personal skills in there like sewing, home decorating, and planning vacations. I also included skills that I’ve used professionally like facilitating market research, writing resumes, general business skills, and soft skills.

I grouped them and marked my favorites. My top ended up being focused on general business and soft skills. That felt really nebulous for me until I followed the same process to hone in on things I really care about. I realized how valuable these skills are when applied in certain ways and it started to make sense for me.

Specifically, I realized that I want to help solo service entrepreneurs make sense of all of their thoughts and ideas to craft a business that uses their unique skills to leave a positive impact on the world (all while living a life they love).

Now this isn’t any sort of elegant or branded marketing statement (that comes later), but it gave me a framework to understand what meaningful and fulfilling work looks like for me and what I wanted to build a business around.

Turning that into your sweet spot

Now there are a million ways to build a business that does this, so next I got real honest with myself about what I wanted my life to look like and how I could build a business that supports that ideal life instead of preventing me from achieving it.

I could have gone the route of a business coach or retainer consultant, but that didn’t excite me and I felt like the ongoing and frequent commitment to the same clients would tie me down and keep me from living my ideal life with lots of schedule and location flexibility. It would also limit my income earning potential to the amount of hours I worked and the amount I got paid per hour.

Instead, I thought it would be really fun to act as sort of a “ghost-co-founder” for entrepreneurs. Helping them to create their business and once I helped them figure it out, then my job was done. This would also scratch my itch of always wanting to be creating something new without having to build a new business for myself all the time.

In order to do this while having more flexibility with my schedule and location, I decided to offer short, high-impact strategy sessions that I could book around my availability. We’d sit down together (like co-founders would do) and work out all the strategic details of the business.

This model though still limits my earning potential to how much time I spent with clients and limits how much I earn working with each client (since the work eventually ends). To help more people and increase my income earning potential, I decided that I would eventually offer online resources (online course or DIY tools and templates).

To hit on the other things I want in life and fully utilize my skills, I decided that as I built more credibility and exposure I would get into speaking and hosting destination events around the world (like a women’s entrepreneur retreat in some amazing remote location).

Coming to these conclusions really did make me feel like I’d be operating in my sweet spot. It was a bit nerve-wracking but also exciting. That’s how I knew I got it right.

If there isn’t excitement mixed with a little bit of fear, you probably haven’t found your sweet spot yet.

Here’s what my final venn diagram looks like with my sweet spot figured out:

Sweet Spot venn diagram example stacy kessler

Key Takeaways

Your business will be most successful if you build it around your sweet spot which is the intersection of these three things:

  1. Your unique skills

  2. Things you care about

  3. What you want in life

To help you start to figure this out, download my free guide below:

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stacy kessler - pathfinding strategist

Hey There!

I’m Stacy, an entrepreneur, strategist, and adventurer dedicated to helping you craft your dream business out of your skills & passions. Why? Because I think you should love your life and that’s kind of hard to do if you don’t love your work.

You are meant to do important and amazing things in this world and I’m here to help you do just that.


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