Why I Chose a Slightly Pretentious Social Handle



Tweet: When choosing a social handle, I consistency over my first choice. @iamstacykessler https://ctt.ec/UFTcd+

When choosing a social handle, I choose consistency over my first choice.

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Consistency vs. first choice

Making a decision on your business name is difficult enough, let alone which domain and social handles to choose. I poured over these decisions for weeks and months, going back and forth, back and forth.

For reasons I'll cover in another post, I chose to use my personal name for this endeavor as a pathfinding strategist. I already had another business, a coworking space called Platform 53, and we had purchased the domain and taken over the social handles for a mostly defunct company in another country, except for one. For most social channels we were @Platform53 but for Twitter, we had to use @Platform_53. When I use a social media planning tool to schedule posts or tell people how to find Platform 53 on social, I hate having to call out that we have a different handle on different channels.

I definitely didn't want to do what my model/actress namesake did...

what not to do for your social channels

Yikes! Now that's a mess.

She had one thing going for her though, she had my desired domain, stacykessler.com


Crap! My name's social handles are taken

Since my name is Stacy Kessler, ideally my handle would be @stacykessler. Unfortunately, those have long been taken. I used a super handy website called namecheckr to quickly find out what was available and what wasn't across all major channels. You can see that my name on all the major channels wasn't available. Boo!

stacy kessler namecheckr

I considered tons of variations:


and on and on...

If I couldn't get my top choice, or second choice, or third choice on all channels, I would keep moving down the list until I found one that was available everywhere.

Since I don't use my middle name, middle initial, or maiden name, I decided to steer clear of those options to reduce confusion. That left me with three options:

  1. Add another noun to my name

  2. Use a word combo that doesn't include my name at all

  3. Add an adjective or determiner to my full name

Because I wanted to build my personal brand and knew I'd be using it as a platform for a variety of endeavors during my lifetime, I decided I didn't want to pigeon-hole myself by adding any other nouns, like life or biz, and I didn't want to depart completely from my name for recognition purposes.

That left just one option, #3, to add an adjective or determiner to my full name.

I knew I didn't want to use @therealstacykessler, I'm sure you know the reason why...

@thestacykessler and @stacykesslerofficial sounded the most pretentious and was used by my namesake on other channels.

That literally left me with: 


So I swallowed my humbleness and decided to go for this slightly pretentious social handle.



Why I chose a Slightly Pretentious Social Handle - Stacy kessler.001.jpeg

So there you have it, the reasons I chose a slightly pretentious @iamstacykessler social handle. 

To recap the reasons:

  • I wanted to use my full name, Stacy Kessler

  • I didn't want to lock my personal brand in with any type of specific topic association

  • I didn't want to cause confusion with my middle, initial, or maiden name

  • I didn't want to conjure to mind a certain, ahem, public figure with @thereal

  • Everything else was taken on at least one channel I wanted to have a presence on

What did you do?

Are you having difficulty choosing your social handle or have you already gone through this? If so, comment below to tell me what you decided to do or which options you're currently considering! I'd love to hear how others worked around this problem.

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