Don't Leave Money on the Table! How to Deliver More Value to Your Clients

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Your clients are telling you what they need

Did you know that your clients are probably telling you what else they need and if you give it to them, they'll give you more money in return?? Yep that's right - opportunity is waiting FOR YOU!

Let me tell you about a client of mine that figured this out and developed a new revenue-generating offering because of it.

My client Christine Luken is a Financial Lifeguard who empowers entrepreneurs to rescue their financial dignity. Her coaching package is 6 months long and feels that’s the perfect length of time to achieve the results they need and give them the value they hired her for.

At the end of her coaching package, one client didn’t feel quite ready to completely be on their own, yet they had made massive improvements and accomplished all the program was designed to do. She felt they were ready to leave the nest.

Christine had already sensed from other past clients that the end of her coaching program felt like an abrupt stop. She starting thinking that perhaps leaving them in the deep end without a lifeguard was not setting them up for the best chance of success to continue with the positive progress they’ve made.

Don’t leave money on the table

Can you relate to Christine?

Do you deliver awesome value with your offering, but get the sense from your clients that they’re itching for even more or that you’re not setting them up for the best chance of success?

If you’re getting this sense, then there is likely an opportunity for you to develop a new offering or improve your current one to provide even more value and solve more needs for your clients. You just have to figure out how to interpret what you’re learning from your clients and then figure out what to do about it.

If you do this though, it’s a win-win - your clients get helped even more, you make more money, and the likelihood for word of mouth and referral clients increases.

Brainstorm new solutions

Christine had some ideas for how to solve for this, but she wasn’t totally confident in how it should all come together. She had questions like:

What should be included?
What should the price be?
What should it be called?
How should it be pitched?

After swirling around her initial ideas for a while, she knew she needed to finalize the offer so she could pitch it to her clients at their upcoming appointment.

So, she decided to book a Clarity Session with me to figure it all out fast.

You might be too close to it

As solopreneurs, it’s all too common for us to second-guess ourselves and go back and forth on things. It can be difficult to feel confident that we’re correctly interpreting what we’re learning from our clients, developing the right solutions, and approaching it in the right way.

When you get stuck and start spinning your wheels, it can be helpful to seek someone out to help you make sense of it all, take your ideas to the next level, and figure out how to proceed. It doesn’t mean you’re not smart or not capable, it just means you’re too close to it! You can figure it out faster and more effectively with help, making sure you’re not leaving money on the table.

Turning client feedback into money-generating solutions

Christine’s goal for our time together was to leave our session with her new offering and all its details completely figured out.

To do that, I helped her dig into how her ideal client feels at the end of her 6-month program based on what she had heard and observed. We identified three main outstanding needs most clients have at the end of her coaching program:

  1. They don’t have full confidence to put into practice everything they’ve learned on their own yet.

  2. They are worried it will be difficult to stay on track financially if they experience a life change (ie. divorce, moving, change of job) or new challenge (ie. Christmas or tax time, if her coaching didn’t overlap with these times of year).

  3. They still needed accountability to fully establish good habits.

It became clear that solving for these needs would be the goal of her new offering and we based the rest of the session around it. We not only took into account what the clients needed though, we also considered what Christine was most excited about offering (because you should love what you do!).

We figured out what would be included in this new maintenance package (a 12-month, lower-engagement program following her 6-month coaching) and she left with confidence in the name, price, and logistics of it.

Here’s how Christine described the session:

At the start of the strategy session, Stacy extracted all of the details that were bouncing around in my brain like a thousand pebbles. Then she led me through the process of sifting through them and identifying the best ideas to keep. By the end of the strategy session, she neatly gathered up all the gems and handed them back to me in a perfect package which I can now deliver to my clients.

The test!

Shortly after our session, Christine offered the package to her clients (the ones not yet ready to leave the nest). They were interested, but wanted to do 6-month program instead of a year-long one. Because we had worked through all the details in our session together, she was able to decide on the spot if they could still get a great value out of only 6-months (yes!), and quickly figured out how to cut the offerings and pricing down to fit their request.

The result? Her clients signed up on the spot and paid all 6-months upfront! She told me that our session more than paid for itself with nearly a 150% return on her investment, just with one client!

Optimize as you go

The whole idea for Christine’s client maintenance program came about because she was sensing a need from her clients that she wanted to fill. I helped her use that information to develop a solution.

Then, when she offered that solution for the first time, she again listened to her clients and adapted to best serve them, while staying true to how she wants to do business.

As they try out her new program and as she offers it to other clients, she will undoubtedly continue to learn ways to improve her offering, delighting future clients even more.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Be a student of your clients (and get paid for it!)

Christine did something really well. She listened to her clients. The more you do this, the better you’ll understand them and the better you’ll be at anticipating their needs and finding ways to solve for them (even the ones they are having trouble articulating!).

Our customers give us subtle (or not so subtle) hints all the time about how they are feeling and what their needs are. It’s up to us to listen, observe, ask questions, and through this, uncover opportunities to serve them even better. The key is to always be a student of your client - have a heart for learning and improving continually.

Here’s what this should look like

Observe. Listen. Ask.

Find opportunities to better serve.

Develop solutions.

Try solutions out.

Optimize solutions as you learn.


You should never have it all figured out

The second you stop learning and improving you start becoming irrelevant. The world and our ideal clients are always changing. We need to change with them. If you don’t, you will likely be leaving money on the table and missing out on opportunities to deliver even more value to your clients. If you don’t, your competition will.

Are you being a student of your client? If not, identify one way you can start. It could be as easy as asking your clients how they are feeling about everything the next time you meet. You can also grab my free copy and paste-able list of questions to send to your past clients (and future ones as you finish working with them) below.

How are you learning and improving continually?

Have you taken learnings from your clients and used it to do something new or improve something you already offer? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below!


Don't leave money on the table - how to deliver more value to your clients - stacy kessler square.jpeg

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