Why it's Important to Figure out Who Your Ideal Client Is

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Why understanding your ideal client matters

Sara makes videos and she’s really good at it. A little while back she decided to go off on her own. Because of her network she fortunately has a steady stream of work, but she isn’t really enjoying it as much as she thought she would. She saw opportunities to do things differently and better, but she just couldn’t figure out a way to implement these things with the clients she was working with. That’s when we started working together.

We discovered that the problem wasn’t her, her process, or her creatively, but rather her clients.

She was barking up the wrong tree.

While it was easy to get work with traditional large corporations she had a lot of connections with, she didn’t enjoy how this type of client operated and wasn’t able to do the work the way she wanted to.

Once we figured out that she wanted to work with smaller, fast-growing, purpose-driven companies it became clear that they had a very different business style and thus very different needs. How they talked about and found service providers was different too. Sara’s current services, process, messaging, and prices weren’t in line with this.

If she kept doing things the way she was currently doing them, she’d likely never land a job with her ideal client.

But now knowing who she really wanted to serve, she could craft her business uniquely for them and their needs, and ultimately into something she enjoyed much more as well.

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What is an ideal client?

Your ideal client is simply a specific type of person or business that you’d love to work with all the time. This group embodies certain characteristics that you enjoy interacting with - their values, motivations, lifestyle, demographics, desired experiences, etc. may be similar.

They have a common need and it’s something you enjoy working on and are good at solving for.

Why an ideal client matters to your business

Identifying your business’s ideal client is important because it affects every aspect of your business. Here are just some of the ways:

  1. The solution you’re offering should solve for your ideal client’s unique needs.

  2. The process you use should be in line with how your ideal client enjoys working.

  3. The way you package and price what you do should clearly communication something of value at a price they are willing to pay for.

  4. The type of language you use should resonate with your ideal client and your messaging should speak directly to them and what they need.

  5. Where and how you market should put you in front of your ideal client at the right time and in the right way.

To put it simply, if you try to serve everyone, you’ll do it effectively with no one (and even getting clients is going to be an uphill battle with the generic marketing and offerings require to target everyone).

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Having an ideal client makes sales easier

When you get really good at working with a specific type of person or business and solving for their specific needs, you become known as an expert.

People want to hire experts.

When you’re an expert you’re more memorable and referable and you’ll start getting more business more easily. Best of all, it’ll be with the type of client you enjoy working with most!

This is why niching works to grow your business even though it’s counter-intuitive. Even though you’re shrinking the percentage of the population you serve, you can capture a much larger percentage of the people you do really want to serve.

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Having an ideal client makes you more profitable

When you get really good at solving for the needs of a similar type of client, you become more efficient. You develop systems and processes that reduce your time spent yet improve the experience and outcome for your client.

This also means that the solution you provide becomes more valuable and you can charge more.

What do you get when your time and resource investment goes down but your price goes up?

Increased profitability!

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IN A NUTSHELL: Why you should know your ideal client

  1. Your ideal client is simply a specific type of person or business that you’d love to work with all the time.

  2. By knowing who you really want to serve, you can craft your business for them and their unique needs. Your ideal client should determine your solution, process, pricing, messaging, and marketing.

  3. Having an ideal client makes sales easier because you become known as an expert in working with that type of client and that type of need.

  4. It’ll also makes you more profitable because you’ll you can deliver your solution more efficiently and effectively, thus increasing prices and reducing expenses.

FREE WORKBOOK: How to identify your ideal client

If you want to improve your business by figuring out what niche clientele you want to serve, download my free guide below to help you identify your ideal client. It also includes a template for your ideal client profile so you can reference it often.

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