The Silent Messages Your Belongings Say to You


Silent Criticisms & To-Do Lists

Whether you realize it or not, every time you look at your possessions, they send you a message. How many of those belongings are sending you NEGATIVE messages that affect your emotional and mental wellbeing? They might make you feel like you wasted money, aren't good enough, haven't lived up to your promises.

In this video, I share some deep confessions about how some of my belongings remind me of my insecurities and how that's inspiring me to downsize my things.

What is your stuff saying to you?

Inspired by the book: "Goodbye, Things" by Fumio Sasaki

Concentration, negativity, and insecurities

Our belongings are like a Silent To-Do List, affecting our ability to concentrate. Our things send us silent messages. They want to be cared for and used. And if we have insecurities related to what that item’s purpose is or how you acquired it, you better believe that those negative thoughts and beliefs are going to come to mind every single time you see that item.

Feel better, think better

The solution?

Minimize your stuff.

Focus on keeping what sparks joy (in the words of Marie Kondo). They’ll likely spark joy if they are functional or beautiful to you in some way.If they make you feel bad, then keeping these items is counter productive no matter who gave them to you, how much you paid for them, or how good your intentions were for acquiring it and keeping it around this long.


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