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Is this really
what I’m supposed to be doing?

I used to ask myself this question all. the. time.

Even though I had mad skills (and you do too - don’t be afraid to toot your own horn every now and then!) and lots of passion, I had trouble articulating them and figuring out how to use them to truly serve a purpose. So, I kept SPINNING MY WHEELS. It felt like, no matter what I did, I couldn’t get ahead. And, worst of all, I knew I was slipping further and further away from creating the business and life I’d always dreamed of.

Sound Familiar-04.png

The self-doubt.

The overwhelm.

The lack of clarity. 

(And it always seems like everyone else HAS IT ALL FIGURED OUT)

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After leaving a cushy corporate job that I was good at, but was slowly killing my soul one day at a time (I literally felt like I needed a hefty handful of Tums to quell the sick-to-my-stomach feeling every Monday morning), I opened a coworking space called Platform 53 (Never heard of coworking? Google it. Then, join one now. Trust me).

On the surface, this new venture had absolutely nothing to do with my expertise—my corporate jam was all about consumer understanding and brand strategy (corporate speak for figuring out what people need and want and developing products and messaging that solves for that) - but I felt called to it (and later realized how this was a stepping stone to my ultimate purpose).

Fast forward a few years, a bad business partner break-up, a near business sale, almost closing down, not-so-stellar financials, and doing market research and innovation work independently for corporations on the side (so much for ‘leaving’ the corporate world–and the handful of Tums–behind), one thing was for sure - THIS WASN’T WORKING.

I was unhappy and something clearly needed to change.


SO, after a lot of self-reflection, strategizing, and whiteboarding,

(Did I mention that I’m OBSESSED with whiteboarding?? Cause I am. And you’ll learn why if you work with me.) 

I decided to do a series of experiments using my skills and expertise

(Remember how I used to figure out what people need and want and create solutions for that?) 

but, this time, working with clients that I ACTUALLY wanted to work with–

(hint: ixnay on the corporate mignons) 

entrepreneurs who wanted to make a living out of their skills and passions.


These were my peeps.

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Everything changed.
For better.

I FINALLY figured out what I wanted to do and who I wanted to serve (insert choirs singing “HALLELUJAH!” and me doing a little dance with fist pumping). I learned A LOT from this process (and in combo with my expertise, created my Signature Pathfinding Process) and now I want to help YOU do the same.

Your ideal business and life ARE possible. 
Let’s make it happen, fast.