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    Futuristic - Ideation - Maximizer - Belief - Strategic

    I've been told more than a few times that I am a very passionate person with an entrepreneurial outlook on life. I thrive on being a creative change agent, using business for good, helping people pursue purpose-driven work (say that five times fast!), exploring and creating the new, developing innovative spaces, and advocating for amazing customer experiences.


    While I've worked extensively with large corporations, my true passion is helping out small and local businesses, independent workers, and community initiatives. I love helping these individuals and groups hone their craft and figure out how to be the best at meeting the needs of the people they want to serve while doing what they love.

    I do independent consulting and contract work, and also own and operate my own coworking space, Platform 53. I love getting involved with lots of diverse projects, so reach out if you'd like to see how we might collaborate.




    Creating Amazing Customer Experiences

    Consumer or Brand Strategy

    Market Research (Extensive or Quick & Dirty)

    Facilitating Brainstorm or Strategy Sessions

    Finding or Creating Work/Meeting Space

    Joining a Community of Independent & Remote Workers
    Hiring Freelance/Contract Consulting Work
    Community Initiatives

    Speaking Engagements
    Guest Lecturing
    Chatting About Interesting Things

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    Customer & Brand Expert

    Consumer understanding for smart business decisions

    Cincinnati, OH (January 2014-Present)


    Uncover breakthrough insights and untapped opportunity areas to leverage in the development of revolutionary brand, communication, product, and customer experience strategies that boost business results and propel brands towards realization of their long-term vision and purpose. Also available for speaking engagements, guest lecturing, coaching/mentorship opportunities, and facilitation services.


    Owner & Chief Visionary Officer

    A coworking community for independent & remote workers

    Covington, KY (August 2012-Present)


    Platform 53 is on a mission to revolutionize the way we work and engage with others. We are a diverse community of independent professionals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and mobile workers. We provide not only work and meeting space, but a platform for our members to share ideas, connect with others, get inspired, learn, support each other, and collaborate. The industry calls this ‘coworking’. We call it awesome.


    Expert Partner

    Innovation from empathic insights

    Norwood, OH (January 2013-Present)


    Consult on or lead various research, innovation, and strategy projects for Fortune 500 and local companies in CPG, Food & Travel as an Expert Partner for Seek, a boutique research and innovation firm.


    Consumer Mkt Knowledge Manager

    The voice of the consumer

    Cincinnati, OH (September 2008-October 2012)


    Uncovered consumer insights and identified opportunity areas for innovation and communication to deliver breakthrough business results. Projects focused on close-in commercial and product innovation as well as long-term brand strategy development, including portfolio organization/optimization and long-term product innovation (3-10 years from launch). Launched Gain Dishwashing Liquid and worked on Charmin, Puffs, Cascade, and Dawn brands.


    Buying Office Intern

    Expect great things

    Menomonee Falls, WI (May 2007-August 2007)


    Developed strategies for improving and re-launching a new clothing department via sales data analysis, competitive assessments, and collaboration with marketing and merchandising departments. Identified ways to streamline processes and increase profits.


    Special Events & Entertainment Intern

    Crafting fun experiences

    Milwaukee, WI (May 2005-August 2006)


    Assisted in interviewing and training three new interns and preparing the new Entertainment Director for the Fair. Organized over 60 special events including competitions, daily parades, and corporate sponsor days for the 2005 and 2006 Wisconsin State Fair either individually or with a team.



    Volunteer, Pro-bono & Organization Involvement

    Brand Development Committee

    Rebranding MainStrasse Village in Covington, KY

    Covington, KY (October 2014-Present)


    Assisted in developing and launching new MainStrasse Village logo in collaboration with the MainStrasse Village Association, BrandFuel Co. and a small team of local residents and business owners with experience in branding.


    Table Facilitator & Administrator

    Building a strong foundation for marriages

    Cincinnati, OH (January 2013-Present)


    Lead couples through a pre-marital class at Crossroads to help them create a strong base for their marriage. Prior to being a table facilitator, I worked on the administrative team, handling all logistics and setup, including leading the group and optimizing procedures for the last session.


    Startup Committee

    Connecting the region's startup ecosystem

    Northern Kentucky (March 2015-Present)


    Member of a startup committee created through the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce to connect entrepreneurial organizations within the region.


    Advisory Board

    Shaping the future of the BIT program

    Bethel, OH (January 2015-Present)


    Advising the University Of Cincinnati-Clermont County on the redevelopment of their Business Information Technology (BIT) Program. Sharing industry trends and desirable professional skills to input into a new curriculum.


    Entrepreneurship Involvement

    Shaping young, aspiring entrepreneurs

    Cincinnati, OH (November 2014-October 2015).


    Provided entrepreneurial coaching for early stage business plan ideas for students in business venture class Fall 2015 semester.

    Mentored student entrepreneurs through business venture class for Spring 2015 semester. 

    Assisted in creating a vision for the redesign of the Sedler Center for Entrepreneurship Spring 2015.

    Spoke on an entrepreneurship panel November 2015.

    Spiritual Development Team

    Discovering ways to help others grow spiritually

    Cincinnati, OH (September 2014-April 2015)


    Various volunteer roles assisting Crossroad's staff including writing The Daily, a weekday devotional email. Work behind the scenes with Crossroads staff to understand the spiritual development journey and how to optimize programs to help people grow in Christ. 



    Interested in collaborating or just chatting about awesome things?

    Send me a note below. I'd love to hear from you.